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Random Wackiness: Pretty peculiar Prius

Every once-in-a-while we come across something wacky enough to get us to stop in our tracks, suppress a giggle, and point-and-shoot. While at the Art Center Car Classic this weekend, we had one of those moments. A Prius with a pretty pronounced proboscis caught our eye while we were checking out the parking lot. As strange as it seemed, we remembered seeing it somewhere before. And then we saw Kustom Kar King George Barris at the other end of the lot and it clicked. This Prius was done by Barris and shown at SEMA last year. We even did a post on it way back in 2005.

We did a quick search and found this info about the green (and gold) machine. The wheelwells were stretched by 2 inches and eyebrow-style flares were added to accommodate the American Racing 18-inch chrome wheels. The wheels have green centers and are wrapped in BF Goodrich low-profile tires. The paint is hand detailed with pinstripes and teardrops. There's even a ducktail spoiler out back. Funky and fun, but we'll pass, thanks.

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