No, it can't go that fast. Reliant Robin driver's speeding charges dropped

A Cambridgeshire (UK) man standing trial for dangerous driving charges had them dropped after an investigator said that George Maltby (the accused) could not have possibly performed the act police alleged. Maltby was cited for passing an unmarked police cruiser at speeds over 70 mph in a 40 mph zone. Police also said that Maltby did this with three people in the car, the front wheel in the air, and with sparks flying off the bodywork.

Maltby drives a Reliant Robin.

The aforementioned independent accident investigator got Maltby off the hook when he told the court that a Reliant Robin is incapable of reaching 70 mph when carrying three passengers, and that furthermore, its fiberglass body wouldn't throw off sparks anyway. Looking at the three-wheeled Reliant Robin (above), we have a hard time imagining one getting up to 70 with just the driver on board, much less a fully-laden one hooning it up with a wheel in the air at that same speed. In any case, Mr. Maltby walked free after a three-day trial, throwing reporters a "Lovely jubbly!" as he made his exit.

[Source: Reuters via The New Zealand herald]

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