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Jalopnik gets fresh duds, gives away VW "micro"-bus

Jalopnik recently launched a new site design, and realized its new look required a vehicle giveaway to keep them near the head of the class. You won't hear any argument from us. A previous re-do brought speculation of an engineless early 80's El Camino, but unfortunately that never happened.

This time around they wanted something unique and stylish, and decided to break the bank with an audacious fully custom VW Microbus, nicknamed "Samba." Breaking the bank meant the piggy bank on Wert's desk, so what they settled on was a Maisto G-Ridez edition 1:10 scale Volkswagen R/C Van. While the scale is no way indicative of their place in the blogosphere (Number forty-two in your program, number one in your hearts), the van seems a good fit for their demographic, which puts a premium on non-conformity and anti-social behavior. Click through the read link to find out how you can win Samba for yourself.

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