A123 Systems employees get to drive the Chevy Volt

A123 Systems, based in Massachusetts, was included in Congressional hearings the last few days discussing the conversion of hybrid vehicles to plug-ins. We have covered this story a few times already, so I won't be discussing it here, but something else of interest apparently came out in the discussions. It seems that employees of A123 Systems were given a sneak peek at the Volt, and even got to drive prototypes of the vehicle. The cars were apparently very similar to the one that we all saw in Detroit at the Auto Show. A123 is involved with the lithium ion batteries that will likely be used in the vehicle.

This all reminds me of when my older brother worked in the IT Department at Alcoa. You might remember that Alcoa built the aluminum structure of the EV1. He got a chance to drive prototypes of the EV1 before it was for sale. This all gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling for the Volt, because as you know, the EV1 did in fact make it out into the wild. I know, I know... these are totally unrelated instances, but at least it makes me feel better.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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