VIDEO: DIY rocket-powered Hot Wheels

Show of hands. How many of you used Black Cats and cherry bombs to incinerate large numbers of Hot Wheels as kids? Especially the pink ones, right? Because they were for girls. Do you know how much those cars in their pre-charred, uncrispy state could be worth right now? What were you thinking?

Here's a better use of miniature cars and pyrotechnics not endorsed by Mattel (this we can guarantee): rocket-powered Hot Wheels. Even if you choose not to study the step-by-step instructions (basically, just strap a model rocket motor to a Hot Wheels car) at Instructables, you must watch the video we've embedded after the jump. It's what we as kids were trying to accomplish 20 years ago. We think.

[Source: Instructables]

Rocket Powered Matchbox! - video powered by Metacafe

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