Forbes lists 10 cars that require a passport to buy

In Ten Cars You Can't Buy in the US, Forbes offers a sampling of tasty metal that US buyers just aren't good enough to put money down on. However, the real title should be Ten Cars You Can't Buy in the US Yet, or Any More, or That You Wouldn't Buy Even if You Could. The article focuses mainly on the Italians and the French, and reaffirms the French makers' intent not to return to the US any time soon. The slide show, though, includes the the Mitsubishi Evo (Forbes shows the Evo X, which we are getting), Smart (again, we're getting the new one), Vanquish S, and Skyline (available here as the G35). The article then goes on to suggest the Infiniti G35 as an alternative to the Skyline, its JDM twin. G35 coupes fully rebadged to replicate their JDM Skyline twins are nothing new, so Forbes isn't exactly offering revolutionary advice here.


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