EXCLUSIVE: E85 Viper breaks world record with 220 mph in the standing mile

UPDATE: This was actually the third attempt for Karl and his team. So, third time's the charm!

This was the second attempt for Karl Jacob and his crew to capture the world record for speed in the standing mile with a street legal vehicle, and for them, the second time was the charm. The vehicle in question is the E85 Viper which we have featured on our website ever since we first heard about it being built. We were even granted a sneak peek into the attempt while the car was undergoing final testing at the shop where it was built, SVS Power.

Now for the good stuff! The speed the vehicle was able to reach in the standing mile was 220.7 miles per hour. For reference, the best a gasoline-powered streetable coupe has ever recorded for the standing mile was 217.8 miles per hour. We have placed a video after the break for your enjoyment.

Special thanks go out to Karl Jacob for giving us this story before the official press release goes live tomorrow (Monday). That means, if you are reading this, you know about it before anybody else does. Cool, huh? Don't forget to check the video after the jump.

[Source: Karl Jacob] As promised, here is a video from the record run:

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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