Scoop! Ford Falcon Orion sans camo!

UPDATE: More and better renderings can be found Our desire for Australia's Fords and Holdens continues unabated, and the Courier and Mail has managed to snag shots of the new Falcon in the buff, further stoking our flame. While American sedans went all mamby-pamby (what could be more milquetoast than our family sedans?), Australia's cars have retained and distilled a certain kick of style and fun. The 2008 Falcon isn't set to arrive for a few more months, and Ford has staked $500 million on the new revision of the platform. The new look is instant badass. We love the blacked out portions under the headlamps -- it's as if this car's spent time in KISS. The greenhouse has a euro-flair to it, especially the kick at the base of the C pillar. The shape is muscular in the same way the Commodore VE is - not that there's anything wrong with that. Underneath this Australian institution, the suspension system retains its baked-in goodness from the outgoing BF Falcon, and the six- and eight -cylinder engines also carry over. We're sure the V8 versions will have a basso-profundo rumble capable of putting Peter Criss to shame.

Ford could do well with this car in the US; at least it would raise eyebrows in the way their current lineup can't. We're sure they're looking at it, seeing the anticipation build around the G8, née Commodore. Every internet blowhard will make statements like " Yes! bring it over! I'll buy one!", while in reality, the sales could disappoint once the initial novelty has worn off. While we enthusiasts have a thing for RWD sedans with V8s and capable chassis, Ma and Pa Camry find compromises where we find joy. The G8 is more of a niche model than if they'd turned the VE into the Malibu - and that's where we see potential for Ford in the US with the Orion. If it does stand any chance of coming here, make it the Fairlane, make the hot one the Fairlane 500, and promote the beejeezus out of it. Most importantly, make it good. Hey, Mulally did promise a convergence of global platforms, right?

Thanks for the tip, Andrew!


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