P.E.A.C.E. Scooter - Putting peace on the map, literally

Don't start to worry, I'm not gonna go all "crazy whacked out enviro-whatever" on you or anything. I'm not going hippy and talking all about peace and all that. Sure, peace is well and fine - I'm certainly all for it, but that's not the point of this post. So, what is the point? Making a statement. Making a point, or in this several points - on a map, that is. The plan for Alix B. is to make a virtual "peace sign" on the map. She will make the entire trip, all 9000 miles of it on her Genuine Scooters Buddy 125. For those who don't know, Genuine Scooters was started by a group of scooterists. Their first product was the Stella, a two-stroke 150 cc bike which looked very much like the old Vespa PX model. They imported them from India, and rumor has it that they might start importing them again this year - we'll see. Anyway, the Buddy is a more modern design, with an automatic transmission and a four stroke engine. Alix chose to make this trip by scooter to promote alternative transportation choices. This will be a two month journey, so if you are into the idea, check out her site and see if she'll be near you at some point.

[Source: Peace Scooter]

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