Obama swaps 300C for Escape Hybrid

Senator Barack Obama has tossed aside the keys to his Chrysler 300C in favor of a new Ford Escape Hybrid. According to the Detroit Free Press, the senator from Illinois was lambasted for driving the a V8 300C after chastising Detroit in a May 7 speech for failing to anticipate rising oil prices that have changed consumers' buying habits.

We for one wish Obama would've kept his 300, not because we hate the environment or think his lecture to Detroit wasn't a wee bit hypocritical, but because hybrids have become nothing more than a decorative accessory for politicians on both sides of the aisle. The Freep reports that John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Hilary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Bill Richardson all have Escape Hybrids in their fleets.

What does it all mean? Nothing really, as hybrids are now politicized to the point where politicians believe owning one gives them a free pass to guilt trip the auto industry in every speech. Less pandering, more substance, please.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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