Iran will produce only Dual-Fuel vehicles after July 23

Dual-fuel, the next-of-kin to Flex-fuel, is the new hotness over in Iran. At least, according to Iran's Industries and Mines Minister Ali Reza Tahmasebi, who announced that production of gasoline-only cars would be completely replaced with LPG/Gasoline dual-fuel cars by July 23rd. Annual Iranian auto production is over a million, so this really will be a sweeping change, though questions about the availability of LPG are sowing doubts that it will be truly effective.

Conversions to LPG are in high demand, and waiting lists are forming. Companies like Khodro are scrambling to acquire pressure tanks to put into new and retrofitted vehicles.

Now, I know what you're thinking - why in the world would Iran of all places, one of the world's top oil sources, need to put so much effort into alternative fuel? Actually, while they pump out a lot of the black stuff, they don't have many refineries, and in fact have to import 40 percent of the oil they use. A rationing system has even been introduced, allotting people three liters a day. And you thought times were tough here.

[Source: All Headline News via Jalopnik]

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