The lengths people will go to to turn a somewhat ordinary vehicle into something that pretends to be so much more always amazes us. Ferrari seems to be a favorite marque for many to emulate, in fact. Whether it's the simplest Scuderia shields on the fenders, or a full-on Fiero or MR2 rebody, it seems like a lot of folks really wish they had a prancing horse in their garage instead of a Hyundai.

Today's example comes via craiglist, and it's a bit different. What you see above is apparently a real Ferrari... body. It's genuine Maranello aluminum stretched around a custom frame, with some real Ferrari bits here and there, all powered by a Hyundai Tiburon V6. Done up in Ponzi Blue, this shark has 44,000 miles on the clock and looks halfway decent in the two pixelated pics provided. If this sounds like your kind of thing, the going price is "just" $37,500.

[Source: craigslist]

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