One of the last official Callaway-tuned Corvettes to be listed as an official GM product is up for sale, of all places, at an auction in Australia. The twin-turbo Chevrolet Corvette is car number 14 in the RPO B2K series, which saw only 62 GM Callaways roll off the line back in 1991.

Decked in an intense Competition Pearl Yellow paint job, this particular 'Vette has a unique history as it was the 1991 show car at the Los Angeles Auto Show and consequently was packed with every option available on the extensive Callaway order list. Under the hood is a 5.7L Chevy V8 with a pair of Rotomaster turbochargers bolted on that delivers up to 450hp and an earth-moving 575lb-ft of torque – enough to reach the claimed top speed of 190mph.

The car, which is now up for sale by Shannons auctions, has spent its days in the living room of one car nut, who purpose built the house around it. Anyone Downunder interested in purchasing it will need to front up at least $155,000, which is just the starting price the obsessed owner is looking for.

[Source: Shannon's]

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