S73 T AMG: Pagani power in an S-Class wagon

Close your eyes and imagine working at AMG, Mercedes' own in-house tuning division that should by now be familiar to everyone. Now go back a decade and imagine being in Affalterbach then. As part of the AMG team, you've had your share of kicks developing monster engines and shoehorning them into otherwise ordinary luxury sedans, and now you've just developed an even crazier engine for the Pagani Zonda. You're looking at the supercar engine, and you're looking at a big ol' S-Class sedan. So tempting, if only someone would give you the budget to put the two together.

Enter stage left the Sultan of Brunei, a monarch with a penchant for crazy cars and the money to make them reality. So in you shoehorn the 7.3-liter DOHC 48-valve V12, all 565 horses worth, and create a monster of a super-sport-sedan. While you're at it, why not fit a special exhaust, brakes, suspension, wheels and full custom interior. Oh yeah, and just for kicks, why not make it a wagon while you're at it. The result: the cartoonishly sinister S73 T AMG.

The Sultan was reported to have originally ordered 15, then decreased the commission to 10 (the oil business must have been slow that year), and sources estimate that a total of 18 were built, with three remaining in AMG's custody. Suddenly the more recent idea of dropping a Lamborghini V10 into an Audi sedan doesn't seem quite so crazy, does it?

[Source: Autojunk.nl]

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