Rendered Speculation: Ford Falcon from Oz

The Australian-market Ford Falcon is one we would like to have on our shores, and may get if Ford wises up and takes a page out of GM's playbook. The Falcon is RWD, comes with turbo V6 engines, V8s, optional El Camino-like truck beds, and it just looks good. Unfortunately, the Falcon has fallen on hard times, with the venerable Falcon falling to third place in sales down-under, behind the Commodore from GM and the Corolla from you know who. Ford has good news forthcoming, though, as the Falcon is scheduled for a major overhaul in March. The Aussies over at Drive couldn't wait until Spring to see what Ford's next Falcon will look like, so they talked with folks from Ford Australia, did their spy shot homework, and came up with the above illustration.

Drive's rendering uses some queues from Ford of Europe's Kinetic Design, with more angular headlights and sharp creases. There are also some themes from past Falcons like the roundness of the front end and the large greenhouse. Overall, the rendering is very tastefully done, and Ford wouldn't do to badly to put such a vehicle in production. Unfortunately, the changes to the Falcon are largely cosmetic, and the underpinnings are rumored to be largely unchanged. Check out Drive's other Falcon renderings by hitting the Read link below .

Thanks for the tip, Paul!


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