MSN Autos gets first ride on the Brammo Enertia electric cycle

We just showed you the new Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle a few days ago, and already MSN Autos has gotten to take it for a ride. Yes, we are all collectively jealous. MSN seems to have enjoyed their time on the machine, although they had to keep it in the low power settings. The machine allows the rider to select a 40 percent power mode or a 100 percent power mode. Also, a logo on the dash lets you know how much power you are using by changing from green to yellow to red, in succession, as you ask for more current from the batteries. As was mentioned in our last article, the top speed is limited to 50 mph and the range varies as to how you ride the bike, but is as much as 40 miles. MSN seemed to think that the mileage seemed realistic after riding for 30 miles and keeping the power meter pegged in the red for most of it.

Again, as was mentioned, the initial price is steep at a bit under $15 grand, but a lower cost model with the same specifications should arrive shortly afterward at under $12,000. MSN also relayed news that a higher specification model with seating for two will debut at some point as well as a lower spec city-only model. The more choices the better!

[Source: MSN Autos]

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