Mercedes looking to Lotus for hybrid know-how?

We've run across a few reports now that Mercedes may have sought out help from a seemingly unlikely source for technical expertise in the design of their new hybrid system, slated first for their flagship S Class sedan. The source is Lotus, who does not currently offer any hybrid vehicles. Lotus does, however, often collaborate with other car companies, Like Tesla Motors who is relying heavily on Lotus engineering excellence in designing their Roadster. Lotus has also developed other fuel-saving technologies. ZAP has also reportedly been in touch with Lotus, although we are not really expecting a great deal of new information on that front any time soon.

The hybrid system that Mercedes is working on seems to place the electric motor between the engine and the transmission. The engine choices should be a 268-hp 3.5L V6 using gasoline or a 2.2L 168 hp diesel equipped with the Mercedes Bluetec system to reduce diesel exhaust emissions.

[Source: AutoCar via Autoblog]

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