Fantasy Football: Lamborghini Gallardo "Italia"

Some travelers insist that a country's character and culture are best understood by tasting their local food. We'll offer instead that you can tell the most about a country by looking at the special-edition cars honoring their football teams. In America, for example, you might find a pick-up truck spangled with decals honoring the local NFL franchise. In Italy, on the other hand, they've decked out a unique Lamborghini in the colors of their national soccer team.

This one-of-a-kind Gallardo has been painted the same shade of blue as the national team's jerseys. The roof has been painted in the tricolore, the red, white and green of the Italian flag. The interior is likewise trimmed in solid blue alcantara, and the engine – which is otherwise left completely stock with "only" 520 hp – is said to be adorned with a gold-tone engine cover.

The one-off Gallardo was produced through Lamborghini's factory personalization program, and is offered by the dealership in Padova at a whopping €230,000...a considerable €85k premium for what amounts to little more than a special paint job. That's more than a few yards difference over that Ford F-150 New England Patriots edition you've been eyeing.

[Source: -translated]

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