Cruise Control: Hyundai's next big launch

Think the Veracruz is the biggest vehicle Hyundai's ever produced? Compared to an Accent, the crossover is colossal, but it could soon find itself shrinking in the shadow of something much, much bigger from the Korean company.

With a number of contracts coming up for grabs in 2009, Hyundai is anticipated to put in some potentially lucrative bids to build gigantic cruise ships. With profit margins approaching $4,000 per ton – some of the latest ships top over 150,000 tons – and Korean companies increasingly dominating the ship-building industry, Hyundai could stand to make big bucks on nautical construction...more than enough to finance the development of new cars that could continue the company's upward climb in the market.

Could be good times ahead and smooth sailing for Hyundai if they get a contract or two. Heck, Hyundai badges have appeared on far stranger things.

[Source: NY Times Wheels]

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