Reduce, reuse and recycle. That's the key to both the lives of regular people, and the Ninja. If we are to coexist on this planet (hopefully they will continue to allow most of us to do so) we need to keep our planet alive.

One thing I did not realize was how much the role of emissions in climate change has been overplayed. Apparently, it's mostly due to boy bands and particularly Justin Timberlake. I can't say I'm surprised. As for taking steps against him, well, there are other blogs for discussing that. And for those of you still using a '78 Volvo to get your killing done, consider shrinking your carbon footprint by using a much more economical sword, and try to get your body count up to around 28 kills/shuriken, the International Order of Ninjas' Corporate Average Mortality Economy (CAME) standard.

Thank you, Ninja. Your contributions of ninja knowledge are changing the world one video podcast at a time.

[Source: Ask a Ninja via YouTube]

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