Ford to dealers: Sell the F-150 and you may get to sell the Shelby GT500KR

The Ford F-Series has been the top-selling nameplate in America for a staggering 29 years, and in spite of ever-increasing competition, the folks from Dearborn will stop at absolutely nothing to keep that title alive for a 30th year. Ford already has up to $4,007 in customer cash on the F-150, and now it is giving dealers some serious incentive to offload as many full-size trucks as possible. The dealer incentive isn't a cash stipend to the dealer or salesman, but a slot in a lottery to sell one of the 50 Shelby GT500KRs being made for the 2009 model year. Total production for the KR is only 1,000 units, so the markup will likely run into the tens of thousands of dollars, making any dealer very pleased. For moving pickups, dealers are also getting special edition F-150 die-cast models (Ford loves giving away die-cast models) and dealers also have a chance to host a Toby Keith concert.

Ford has repeatedly said that it will retain its full-size pickup leadership, and the Blue Oval is coming up with some innovative ways to keep its most important product moving off the dealer lots. Right now the F-Series is up 45,000 units on the all-new Silverado. Let's see if that lead holds once GM begins using more cash incentives.

[Source: Auto News - sub. req'd]

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