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Ford and SCE's plug-in hybrid testing details start to leak out

We're still waiting for the official announcement from Ford and Southern California Edison on their plug-in hybrid plans, which will be coming in a few hours, but the AP has come out with a story that gives us a few more details on this "effort to speed up delivery of mass produced hybrid vehicles to the marketplace."
Looks like SCE wil get one Ford PHEV by the end of the year and 20 in 2009 for tests. Both the utility and selected customers will drive the cars and feed Ford the data. I can already imagine that there will be a loooong line of people signing up to get one of these cars if SCE accepts applications. Stay tuned for more later today, as the official announcement should come around 2:30 Pacific time.

[Source: AP, h/t to Linton/Hugg]

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