eBay find of the day: '77 Camaro from Transformers

Yes, that's right folks. Fresh off of last week's release of this summer's ultimate shift-your-brain-into-neutral, CGI-dominated, action-stuffed, Robogasm, the Transformers crew is auctioning off the 1977 Chevy Camaro that stole the show playing Bumblebee. You can be the envy of car geeks and movie buffs alike, and all for a good cause.

The proceeds of the auction are going to the Fisher House Foundation, which helps out veterans by building homes to accommodate the families of injured military personnel.

As of this writing, the price was just over $12,000 – a hell of a deal, even if the car was lambasted for being a beater by the oh-so-delectable Megan Fox. And considering that the star spent some time in the passenger seat, we'd consider paying top dollar for the upholstery.

Top tip JW!

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