Unafraid to bring up the unpopular carbon tax idea (mostly to make a point), Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) is speaking out all over the place on the nation's mileage debates. On C-SPAN Friday, Dingell says the Senate's CAFE plan is "delusionary," and that he will work to raise CAFE standards without a loss of jobs, industry or opportunity in America.

I'm not quite sure who he's talking about or how he figures this out, but Dingell says in the clip that for one domestic automaker, the Senate bill as written doesn't mandate a 35 mpg standard but, because of this company's fleet make-up, actually comes to a 54 mpg standard. Huh? Anyone have any insight into this?

He then continues in the Levin vein, saying that such regulations would put the company out of business and 60,000 people out of work. Dingell won't mention which company he's talking about, but Ford's got 300,000 employees, GM has 335,000 and DaimlerChrysler has/had 382,000, with about 80,000 of them working for Chrysler.

[Source: C-SPAN, thanks to Linton/Hugg]

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