Top-level athletes are being identified at younger ages all the time, with most tennis or gymnastics prodigies being noticed by age 10. Over in the UK, motorsports are huge, and four year-old Ben Kasperczack has just been signed to a four-year contract with Motorsport World. That's right, 'lil Ben isn't even old enough for kindergarten and he's been granted unlimited track time, his own mechanic, and all the equipment he'll ever need.

It's easy to dismiss such a contract as little more than a publicity stunt, yet Ben has shown an amazing knack for recognizing understeer and oversteer (most adults aren't as fortunate), and he knows just when his tires need changing. Since at age four he's completely fearless, Ben also maintains the most aggressive driving line possible, which makes him faster around the track than most adults.

We don't know if Michael Schumacher should worry about any of his records just yet, but the karting world will have to wait four more years before Ben Kasperczack competes in his first race with other drivers. Let the hype machine begin.

[Source: Winding Road]

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