Good grief...As seen on TV: The 2008 Corvette Dollar (with working lights)

So there I sat last night, half-watching The Dirty Dozen on AMC while I looked for something to blog about, when that something I was looking for found me. As AMC went to commercial I was assaulted by an aggravatingly-upbeat voiceover telling me about the newest offering from the National Collector's Mint, which regularly hawks crap on TV. In this case, it was the 2008 Corvette Dollar.

You'll be interested and thrilled to know that the silver-clad commemorative Corvette Dollar is actual legal tender in the Republic of Palau. Which is great, because if you ever find yourself in a pinch in the Pacific island nation, the coin could be the difference-maker (or at least buy a candy bar or something). Also, it could be handy during a power outage, as the yellow Z06 painted on the coin has actual working headlights. Just press the Corvette flags on the "tails" side to turn 'em on. This feature, according to NCM, makes the Corvette Dollar quite possibly "the most extraordinary, one-of-a-kind coin ever minted: the first non-circulating legal tender car coin with working headlights!" If you weren't sold before, we know you're running for your wallets now.

If you've had too much tequila and feel the need to order one (or five, as that's what you're "limited" to), you can do so by clicking here, where you can also watch the sales pitch thanks to the embedded TV commercial. You can snag one on eBay, too, where this seller is looking to get 35 bucks plus plus 21 dollars shipping for one. I guess that's for the folks who've had too much tequila and a spur-of-the-moment lobotomy.

[Source: National Collectors Mint via AMC, which would be a lot better if it didn't run commercials]

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