Dingell will propose carbon tax, predicts Americans will not go for it

Amid all the squabbling about how high to raise fuel economy standards and in what time frame, no one has been willing to step up to the plate and do the one thing that would make the standards a moot point. No one has been willing to propose taxes that would raise the price of fuel to a level that would force Americans to face the true cost of their energy choices. Until now that is and amazingly enough it's coming from a corner you might not expect.
Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) will introduce a carbon tax that, if implemented, would make fossil fuels substantially more expensive in relation to other choices such as wind, solar, and biofuels. If this were done people would naturally clamor for high efficiency vehicles without CAFE standards. Dingell is only doing this to try and prove the point that Americans will not accept paying the true of their fuels. The problem with this is that Americans do not have a choice, they will ultimately end up paying whether through a carbon tax or increased military spending to try and maintain a supply of Middle East crude. Democrats need to do this and tie it to income tax reductions on the people who will be affected most by the carbon tax, the lower and middle income taxpayers. Americans need to learn that they cannot continue their profligate use of fossil fuels without paying the tab. Whether you make the argument from an environmental or national security standpoint both are equally valid and particularly pressing.

[Source: New York Times]

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