Brilliance delisting from NYSE

Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, Inc., front-and-center in the news of late thanks to a disastrous performance by its BS6 sedan in German crash tests last month, has announced that it's delisting its American Depositary Shares from the New York Stock Exchange. Brilliance is making its exit due to a decline in trading volume and an uptick in related administrative costs.

The shares will me made available over-the-counter once the delisting is complete, and regular shares in the company will continue to be traded via the Hong Kong Stock market. brilliance is BMW's partner in the Chinese market, where it manufactures cars for the German automaker. As previously noted, it also builds its own branded vehicles such as the aforementioned BS6 (a.k.a. the Zhonghua in China), the Jinjue, shown above, and others.

[Sources: AP, The Auto Channel]

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