How do you take a completely carbon free form of transportation and mess it all up? By strapping a jet engine onto a kayak, and then proceeding to race it against a 4X4 Land Rover... thing! Richard Hammond from Top Gear says that the kayak is rubbish without an engine. The inventor of the machine has kayak'ed down a 65 foot vertical drop, so he is probably the perfect person to pilot a machine such as this one, especially considering that this little race takes place in, get this... an ice filled lake in Iceland.

I'm not entirely sure why this race took place, but it fits in just right on Top Gear. They are always pulling off crazy stunts like this one. I have gone kayaking before, and the whole point is to enjoy the scenery while getting in some good upper-body exercise. This defeats the point. If I'm gonna jet ski, I want a jet ski; if I'm gonna kayak, I want to row. As a side note, Hammond has not exactly had the best luck when it comes to vehicles powered by jet engines. This would be better if it was powered by biodiesel! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!

[Source: Youtube via Engadget]

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