24 Hours of LeMons: We've arrived

It's high noon on the West Coast and we've arrived at the Altamont Motorsports Park to cover the 2nd annual 24 Hours of LeMons – two days of vehicular madness perpetrated by some of the most asinine automotive atrocities this side of the Mississippi. We're here to live-blog the even throughout the day and into the night, continuing our coverage tomorrow as the race unfolds.

The race starts at approximately 2:30 PM PST today, and we'll have a separate post that will have continuous updates as the day progresses. Bookmark that page when it goes live and begin hitting refresh – the insanity will be covered in all its gruesome detail.

Tomorrow, we'll be arriving at around 8 AM to cover the "People's Choice/People's Curse" ceremony, and from there the race will continue at 9:00 AM PST.

The full schedule is available after the jump, and you can check out the 24 Hours of LeMons site here.



AMP Gates Open: 9:00 am
Normal-Peson Check-In & Setup: 9:00-12:00 am (NO CHECK-INS AFTER 12:00)
Normal-Person Tech Inspections: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Extra Credit Qualifying Trials: 10:30 am-1:00 pm
Driver's Meeting (MANDATORY): 2:00 pm
Drivers in Cars: 2:20 pm
Race Start: 2:30 pm
End of Session I: 9:45 pm
Beer, Beer, Beer: 9:45.01 pm
Track Lights off: 10:15 pm
Pit Lights off: 11:00 pm


AMP Gates Open: 7:00 am
AMP-Sponsored Biscuits & Gravy: 8:00 am
People's Choice/People's Curse: 8:30 am
Driver's Meeting (MANDATORY): 8:45 am
Race Session II Start: 9:00 am
Checkered Flag: 4:00 pm
Cleanup, Band-Aid Application, More Beer: 4:00-6:00
Awards Ceremony: 4:30
AMP Gates Close: 7:00

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