Subaru-sanctioned Tribeca limo built by Boston dealer

click above image to view a gallery of the Subaru Tribeca stretch limo

Wow... um... just wow. Words don't do this stretch Subaru Tribeca limousine justice. It was reportedly built by Ernie Boch Jr., a powerful Boston area dealer that apparently has a penchant for long limousines. Before this he built a stretch Subaru Forester, which happened to be the catalyst for what you see above.

The story told on the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club forum goes like this. Ernie was in Japan for a meeting with executives at Fuji Heavy Industries, to whom he showed them his stretched Forester and then pitched his plan for an elongated Tribeca. They loved the idea and got the Tribeca's engineers involved, who then shipped plans for stretching the Trib's chassis to engineers at Subaru's plant in Indiana. The limo was then built right on the same assembly line as normal Tribecas. The interior, however, had to be done by a custom coachbuilder.

Apparently both the Forester limo, which we've heard has been sold to another dealer, and the Tribeca limo, are seen frequently around New England. It's a crying shame the updated 2008 model wasn't available at the time, seeing as its new 3.6L boxer six has more ponies and twist available to pull around the limo's extra metal. Of course, when you're in the back of a Tribeca limo, you want to go slow so everybody sees you, right?

[Source: NASIOC via Carscoop]

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