Ford announces improved range for CNG C-Max

Ford has announced the improvement of the C-Max natural gas storage capacity up to 107 liters (about 18kg of Compressed Natural Gas), which allows the car run for up to 300 km (200 miles) on a single tank. If you add the 55 liters of the regular gasoline deposit, the range comes up to 720 km (420 miles).

The C-Max is a compact minivan built on the Focus platform. The CNG version is based on the 2.0l Duratec gasoline engine, good for 145 HP in gasoline mode and 126 when running on gas. For such a large vehicle, the tailpape emissions are quite good: 158 CO2 g/km.

Automakers selling cars in Germany have a long-lasting relationship with Erdgas, the biggest Natural Gas company in Germany and most of the makes have CNG models available. There are a few public refuelling stations around the country which allow long trips. These cars are all bi-fuel, since they can still run with unleaded.

[Source: Ford]

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