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Ferrari GTO cufflinks made of real Ferrari GTO

Much like the Sex Panther cologne in Anchorman, which was "made with bits of real panther," Alfred Dunhill's enthusiast-oriented Provenance cufflinks are shaped like miniature Ferrari 250 GTOs, and are made of actual Ferrari 250 GTO aluminum body panels. Worry not, friends, as we're quite certain that Dunhill isn't wantonly slaughtering GTOs for the sole purpose of keeping French cuffs stylishly managed. A few panels were probably enough to make a full production run of the limited-edition baubles, which are as close to actual Ferrari GTO ownership as some buyers are going to get. With a price tag of $1800, even that subset of customers will assuredly be among the very well-heeled.
[Source: Dunhill via Acquire Mag]

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