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Product Review - Eco Touch waterless car care

Eco Touch is a waterless car care product meant to wash and polish a car without water. Well, it is not exactly waterless but it does reduce use of water significantly. When it does so, it reduces the amount of oil and detergents that get into the storm water drains of our highways and byways.
I used Eco Touch on two cars after the company sent me some samples. The instructions on the 651 ml (22 oz.) spray plastic bottle gave me a problem. Eco Touch is not to be used on "excessively soiled muddy or sandy surfaces". In other words, it is not intended for use on a very dirty car. It also says to spray it on the surface and then wipe "gently" using the provided "microfiber" towels and then wait until a haze forms before using a second provided microfiber towel to wipe it off. How gentle is gently? I can't say I ever saw the haze on either the silver or dark blue surfaces I used. I did wipe off the surfaces and they were obviously cleaner. I tested the surface with some water and they beaded water. However, after a night of rain a few days later, the water beading was nil.

The review continues after the jump. The towels both applying and polishing both got dirty when used so they will need to be replaced or washed – with water. I also thought about all the natural things that get into storm water drains even if you don't have a car: bird droppings, insects, pollen, tree sap, plain old dirt. Oil is on car surfaces because we drive behind other vehicle's exhaust clouds. Now it is on the microfiber towels.

Could I have gotten the cars cleaner just using the damp towel to wipe it down? The Eco Touch ingredients did cut through the grime and polished the surface so it is better than just a water wipe down. However, Eco Touch is not recommended for areas of the car that are excessively soiled. Does that mean I use water on my lower car panels?

It seems Eco Touch is intended to maintain a reasonably clean car, perhaps to extend the intervals between when it needs to be washed. Modern car finishes seem pretty good about keeping a reasonable shine over the years. They don't fade or grow dull. So Eco Touch provides a third choice between not washing your car and fully washing it. Perhaps a stronger formulation or clearer instructions would help, too.

Reducing the amount of water we use is a net positive thing to do, especially in the regions of the country that are experiencing drought conditions. If you live in such a region or just want to reduce your water use, Eco Touch can keep a car cleaner looking between less frequent car washes.

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