Pitt Bullitt: classic McQueen remake to begin production

UPDATE: Don't fret all you Steve McQueen fans. After reading our post, Ford got in touch Brad Pitt's management, who don't know anything about the remake or Pitt's involvement. The credibility of this rumor's source, Monsters and Critics, was also called into question. Still, with all the positive buzz GM has earned for its involvement with Transformers, you'd think Ford would be all over a remake the stars Brad Pitt next to a recently released Bullitt Mustang.

Not unlike the retro styling and resurrection of old nameplates sweeping the car industry, some film critics bemoan the lack of originality inherent in the Hollywood trend of remaking old films, while others relish the opportunity to refresh classics for younger generations. One way or another, the latest Hollywood announcement has us frothing at the mouth, as the green-light has been given to start production on a remake of the most iconic of gearhead films of all time: the Steve McQueen classic "Bullitt".

Endeavoring to fill the legendary McQueen's pedals will be none other than Brad Pitt, who will take on the role of Lt. Frank Bullitt of the San Francisco Police Department, hunting down the hitman who killed his fellow officers. Pitt's co-stars have not yet been announced, but with the anticipated launch of the new Bullitt Mustang, the smart product-placement money would be on its inclusion in the new movie along with the Dodge Charger R/T, the two cars that made the famous race scene in the original.

This should be interesting.

[Source: Monsters and Critics via Mustangblog]

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