Gordon Murray launches new car company

The man behind the legendary McLaren F1 and some of the most innovative Formula 1 cars of the seventies and eighties has launched a new car company. Gordon Murray is working on a new small car so efficient that the savings will allow an owner to save it's full $10,000 cost within four years. Not only will the operating costs be pared to the bone, the energy and emissions needed to manufacture it will also be minimized.
Murray is not planning to mass produce the new car but will instead license the design to interested companies. Murray's focus will be on a new radically more efficient vehicle architecture with running prototypes ready within two years. The first iteration is expected to run on a small gas engine, but the architecture could support any type of powertrain. The car will weigh approximately 1100 lbs and will undoubtedly be novel. Hopefully it will also come to fruition before long. Such a lightweight and presumably inexpensive chassis to offset the weight and cost of a battery pack could make for a truly useful EV.

[Source: CAR]

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