FOEI puts the blame on Wilmar for rainforest destruction caused by biodiesel production

Friends of the Earth International (FOEI) issued a report in which they accuse Wilmar, the world's largest trader in palm oil, as responsible of the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest, as a consequence of the increase in palm oil production for the chemical and food industry, but for biofuels as well.

In words of Paul de Clerck, Corporate Campaigner of FOEI, "This report reveals that Indonesian palm oil traded by Wilmar is scandalous and damaging the environment. Forests are being cut and burnt down illegally, Indonesian laws are being broken and local people are suffering."

This report points out that the target of achieving a 10 percent of use of biofuels in transportation in the EU must be reviewed, because most of the raw materials, such as palm oil for biodiesel, aren't produced in a responsible manner. According to a recent report by the OECD there are serious concerns about biofuels. In another study, the OECD affirmed that 70 percent of Europe's agriculture land would have to be destined as fuel crop land to achieve the aforementioned 10 percent.

[Source: Friends of the Earth International via El Mundo]

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