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It's coated in new flat black paint, has a set of driving lights mounted to the fenders, is lifted two inches, and has removable doors. It also has a range of 290 miles per tank of fuel, and a full tank only runs the owner twelve bucks and change. That's because this ' 86 Samurai's been converted to run on propane, and since its wee little bed is outfitted with a pair of forklift-style storage cylinders. The buyer also gets the original carburetor in the deal. $3,500 cash, a Buell XB motorcycle, or an inboard-engined ski boat are all it'll take to get this LPG 'Zuki into your driveway. It's located in Dalton, GA (32 miles outside Chattanooga, TN; 88 miles outside Atlanta) and you can read the original listing here.

Thanks to "mehugtree" for the tip!

[Source: Craigslist]

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