The review is by MegaWhat TV, a web TV channel producing weekly shows about any new electronic gadget, which now includes this car. While it does look like the "special" child of the smart ForTwo and Fiat 500, the fact is that it's being put into production now, with preorders currently being taken. Turns out, while it's a very small car, it very well suits the market it's aiming at - strict city-dwellers with hearts of gold. I added that last part, but if they're going green, they're golden in my book. The boot (read: trunk) is larger than you would expect, but that's where the pleasant surprises end. The speedometer doesn't go past 50 mph - again, suburbanites and vacationers can't make much use of that, but this car isn't made with them in mind. Range is 40 miles per charge, and there are apparently charging stations on curbs in London already. Unfortunately, as our host points out, while the cable can't be detached from said charging station, some jerk can walk past and yank it out of the car itself, whereupon you come out of the office, unable to get home for a few hours.

I would expect this car to be a success in the U.K. People there are, shall we say, less fickle than we are here, and the styling won't bother as many potential buyers (watch out the windows to see the other real 'lookers' on the road there). The fit and finish of the interior leaves a bit to be desired, but unless you're loaded, there's always trade-offs.

[Source: MegaWhat TV Thanks for the tip, Linton!]

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