Selling green practice (and rewarding employees that commute on green)

According to Imre Communications, going green is not a matter of fashion but the future on how companies will do business. They have launched the "green practice," a new division of the firm dedicated to "help organizations establish and leverage environmental positioning and increase awareness of environmentally conscious products, practices and services."
How do they achieve this? With marketing practices such as corporate messaging, brand strategy development, packaging, promotions and PR campaigns. However, Imre's efforts are not only for its customers: the company has adopted environmental practices in-house such as a strong recycling policy (including no paperwork!), a points program that rewards employees for using green transportation methods such as a buying a hybrid car, carpooling or using the public transport, something that would be good if done by more companies (Timberland, Google, Bank of America, etc... also offer incentives to employees who purchase hybrid cars).

Imre's current customers are known firms such as The Home Depot, Travelers, CoreNet Global, Clean Control, DAP, the National Multi Housing Council and Green Builder Media (an organisation that promotes green building and sustainability).

[Source: Imre]

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