Chevy Malibu hybrid spotted in Metro Detroit

Found on the roads of metro Detroit, please say hello to the 2008 Chevy Malibu hybrid. As you can see in the pictures uploaded today to the GM Source website (where there are four large images of the car), the Malibu hybrid doesn't look much different than the standard new Malibu, which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. The only reason we even know it's the hybrid version is the little hybrid badge that's now standard on the GM 'brids.
As for the powertrain, the Malibu hybrid is going to have the same mild hybrid system that's already available in the Saturn Vue Green Line and the Aura Green Line (clicking on either of those two car names there will bring you to our in-depth reviews of these vehicles) and it's a good guess that there's a Cobasys battery pack inside the Malibu.

[Source: The GM Source, h/t to Josh O]

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