If anyone has every said riding a bike can't be fun, check out these people. I think they have proved you wrong, sir, just by sheer numbers, let alone the hooting and hollering going on besides (although I think we should leave the singing to the professionals). These Critical Mass (a worldwide unorganization of green-minded bike riders) participants are having a massive amount of fun with their bike decor, "stereo installations" and costumes. Yet another reason it stinks to live in the midwest. Even the innocent bystanders are having a good time. I noticed, too, that even the police trying to maintain some level of control over the situation - with varying degrees of success - are riding what look like glorified scooters. It's no naked bike ride, but I sure wish I could have made it. And I like to think that if the real Bob Marley was still alive, he'd be riding his bike too.

Some parts of the video get political - a warning to you apathetic souls out there. The gentleman at the end echoes the goings-on of the world at an individual level, saying that we got ourselves in this mess, and something must be done, but we dunno what. As for the dude that burned the flag for whatever reason - do you know how much greenhouse gas you sent roiling into the sky by barbecuing that polyester flag? Shame, shame, shame.

I'll see you guys there next year riding an electric Schwinn, and blasting Queen's "Bicycle Race" out of my backpack speakers.

[Source: YouTube Thanks for the tip, Linton!]

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