The video shows the H-racer and the Solar Hydrogen station, a product from Horizon Fuel Technologies. This company has announced an agreement with a Chinese manufacturer from Hong Kong, Wah Shing, to design and mass-produce fuel cell powered toys and reusable energy storage devices.

Their intention is increasing the performance of these mini-fuel cells and made them available for the public at a lower costs. Wah Sing also intends to replace the use of alkaline batteries (half a billion per year according to their calculations) that power the most popular powered toys. Horizon already introduced a hydrogen fuel cell conversion kit concept for radio control cars that uses three re-useable hydride storage prototypes that feed a 7.2V fuel cell which is able to run a car, instead of the NiCad batteries.


[Source: Horizon]

[Edited: Thanks to M. Chau for the ammendment on the company data]

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