Flexcar "Friends and Family" promotion offers free memberships, we think

When we get tips sent to the AutoblogGreen tipbox, we check out the details. Today we got a note from a Jon W. about Flexcar's ongoing "Friends and Family" free membership promotion. The trouble is, the only other mentions of this promotion on the 'net are two comments (one on Green Car Congress and the other on a blog called Evolwithin) by Jon W.
So, since you'd think that Flexcar would actually be promoting a promotion if it exists, I'm not quite sure what to make of this. I've sent an email to Flexcar asking about whether the details described below are accurate, but for now I'll also ask the ABG readership about it. Are you a Flexcar member? Have you read about this promotion, or taken advantage of it?

For the record, here's what Jon W tells us the promotion entails:

Free Memberships for Flexcar while our Lasts!!!

Great news, Flexcar is currently running a "Friends and Family" promotion thru July 7th. Tell your loved ones to sign-up for Flexcar and we'll waive their $35 first year membership fee.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Send them to www.Flexcar.com , click "Join Now" at the top of the page, then select "Personal" Plans.
2) Have them fill in the promotion code: ffep7FLEX
3) Have them fill in your email address in Box 17A (same as the one on your Flexcar account)

Not a member yet? No worries. Sign-up today, then refer your friends and family with the above steps. You'll receive a $7 driving credit per referral, up to $49!

Remember, more members = more Flexcars = better car locations + better rates.

Thanks for helping revolutionize the way Americans use automobiles while saving your loved ones time and money.

I can see this being a totally legit thing. I'm just looking for confirmation, that's all. It'll probably take until after the holiday here in the U.S. to get a response from the company, so stay tuned.


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