Chrysler recalling over 80,000 Wranglers and Nitros

Chrysler is issuing a recall for 80,894 examples of its hot-selling Jeep Wrangler and not-so-hot Dodge Nitro. The recall will require the power module for each vehicle be reprogrammed to prevent a situation that could cause a brief interruption of electrical power to the engine and instrument panel. This interruption has been reported to cause stalling in 180 separate complaints that have been received by Chrysler. It's only a brief stall, however, and if the vehicles are moving at the time, their engines will reportedly immediately restart. Of course, owners will not be charged for the service to their vehicles, and Chrysler expects to get the world out to them all by the end of the week. Hopefully Greg, the winner of our Autoblog Celebration Sweepstakes featuring the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro, didn't get one of the 80,894 being called back.

Thanks for the tip, Barney!

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