There's someone against the stricter CAFE standards

According to Sterling Burnett, a member of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), the new CAFE standards should not be approved because "they will reduce consumer choices and put drivers at greater risk for injury or death in the event of an accident".
Mr. Burnett affirms that the new CAFE standards aren't possible because what consumers find important (like air conditioning, extra safety features, comfort and engine power) is incompatible with these standards. This will imply that consumers will also have less "freedom of choice" among models and will "put their lives at risk" when driving.

But there's more: He also affirms that, because cars with higher mpg are cheaper to run, people will use them more and will end up using more gasoline - As proof of this argument, he states that despite the increase of vehicle efficiency, gasoline consumption has increased twofold since the '70s.

Finally: "Not one Senator has ever designed a car or sold it for profit in a competitive marketplace," said Burnett. "They seem to believe they can impose any standard they want and everything will be peachy. The reality is, not only are the 'improvements' pie-the-sky ideals, but higher CAFE standards will result in people's deaths."

[Source: NCPA]

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