Guessing Game: AMG website hints at impending new model

Those octane junkies in Affalterbach never seem to tire of developing new, more powerful engines and shoehorning them into everything with four wheels and a three-pointed star. The Mercedes AMG website is featuring a cryptic bit of flash animation that shows the back end of an unknown new product speeding through a haze, accompanied by the caption that reads, "In July... the fog lifts." Hey, wait a minute... July... that's this month!

The indication that Benz' in-house tuning division is preparing, in short order, to release a new model naturally leads to speculation over just what that new model might be. One definite possibility could be the impending AMG version of the newly-released C-Class, on which spy shots and information have been trickling in of late. Aside from a C63 AMG, we can speculate based on AMG's current line-up of fire-snorting models, which places the division's latest 6.3-liter V8 in every Mercedes model except for three: the G-Class SUV, the outgoing C-Class wagon, and the SLK roadster, all of which still use the outgoing 5.5-liter engine.

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[Source: Mercedes AMG via eMercedes-Benz]

Releasing a new C63 AMG wagon based on the outgoing model would be an odd move when the new model is just around the bend, and the intentionally obscured image above – a screen capture from the website animation – while vague, clearly rules out the big, boxy G-Wagon. Darkened and blurred, the rear ends of the C-Class and SLK would look similar, although the top edge of the C's license-plate frame and tail-lights line up, unlike those on the SLK and in the image. One way or another, we'll be seeing soon enough.

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