Two-Wheel EV whizzer: The evDaytona electric motorcycle

GoWheel brings you an electric motorbike that's going to cost you some money, but it looks and goes just like the real thing. Almost. Starting with a Triumph Daytona, the folks at Go replace the inline DOHC 3-cylinder with a li-ion battery pack that adds 100-190 pounds depending on how many batteries you want. The bike still gets to 60 in 2.9 seconds, and will cruise at 93 mph for 143 highway miles or 49 miles of hard street use. As this whole electric thing gathers steam -- no pun intended -- it's nice to see more and more rides that look like their fire-powered equivalents. But for now, there are always caveats: the bike isn't DOT approved, and it sports an enormous Plexiglas fairing to improve aero efficiency that looks more like a giant shield. And one more thing -- if the bike ever gets made, it will cost you $77,000 to ride in silence.

[Source: Motorbiker via Engadget]

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