Amity tri-fuel 80+ mpg hybrid launched in India

Late last week, students and faculty at Ten Amity School of Engineering and Technology launched the world's first tri-fuel hybrid car, the Amity.
Aside from the speed limitations (50km/hr on batteries and 45 km/hr using the engine), this two-seater looks great on paper. It can use pure battery power to go about 80 to 90 kilometers per charge and then it can run on auto LPG and petrol. So far, the school has tested the car over about 400 km of Delhi roads and has seen mileage in the 35-40 kilometer per liter range (that's 80+ mpg).

Following the conclusion of elementary stage testing, the plan is to enhance and improve the Amity and then produce it commercially. Hopefully this car won't cost too much, because India can't afford many more nasty cars. We'll see where things stand some time down the line.

[Source:, Express India]

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