With safety becoming more and more of a priority in buyers' purchase decisions, automaker are striving for as many IIHS top scores and five-star ratings as they can collect. One technology that hit the ground running a few years back is the backup camera, which gives drivers of large SUVs, pickups, and minivans a clearer view of what's going on beyond the bumper. Ford designed its own camera technology for 2008 model year vehicles, with the image being shown in the rear view mirror.

The video screen only shows up when you're in reverse, and it gives you both video of what's behind you and the approximate distance you can travel before hitting something. Then the folks from Dearborn, MI threw in the beep sensor as a redundant measure. The technology works remarkably well, and the video screen is even visible in extremely bright sunlight. We got video of the camera tech during Ford's 2008 vehicle review event, so hit the jump to see how close we got to some little girl's bike with the new 2008 King Ranch Expedition. It was incredibly accurate.

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